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Seventh Chakra — Crown Chakra


The seventh chakra; the crown chakra is located at the top of the head. It represents self-knowledge, self-will, and divine connection. It is associated with the pineal gland, pituitary gland, cerebral cortex, cerebrum, the right eye, the right brain hemisphere, central nervous system, the subconscious mind, and large muscle control. A balance crown chakra will have wisdom, intelligence, ability to analyze, spiritual connection and open mindedness.


This oil is useful in enhancing your perception of the truth inside any situation. It allows you to release any illusion that you may have confused with reality.


Look for this Oil if you're feeling physically tired or to help you doing Mindfulness meditations, minfulness walks etc.


Ingredients: Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon,Eucalyptus, Orange, Cinnamon, Vannila

10ML Roll On bottle glass

CROWN ChakraOil #7

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