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As a certified  Aromatherapist, with some auto immune issues,i recently created this oil, for personal use,but decided  to share it  now with you:
I named "Imm Oil"* and it supports your immune system, soothe aching joints reduce anxiety and beautify your skin!
Rich in vitamines A and C, it leaves yours skin with a healthy glow, while fighting off harmful fungus, viruses and...fear!

Clean your Spirit!Protect your Body!Open your Heart !

Ingredients :helianthus annuus seed oil, cistus ladanifer, Thymus satureioides Cosson, cedrelopsis grevei,limonène ,Citral, Linalol,Geraniol

*An immunomodulatory blend of essential oils, safe to auto-immune individuals (helps to regulate the human cellular immune response)


Ingredients :helianthus annuus seed oil, cistus ladanifer, Thymus satureioides Cosson, cedrelopsis grevei,limonène ,Citral, Linalol,Geraniol


Organically Handmade

30 ml/1oz

Imm Oil Immunity & Good Skin High Vibes Oil Booster

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