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Second Chakra — Sacral Chakra 


The sacral chakra is located in the lower abdomen between the pelvis and the navel centre. It is represented by the colour orange and the physical element of water. It represents vitality, self-gratification, and passion, and is associated with the sacral vertebra and the reproductive organs and effects circulation, urinary function, and reproduction.


A balanced sacral chakra carries the following characteristics: ability to enjoy pleasure, emotional intelligence and the ability to embrace change.

This essential oil brings the energy of pure love and lightness of being, driving away sorrows and bringing a peaceful, stable calm.

This oil is simply a must for healing trauma from abuse or anytime you are in an emotional crisis or suffering from sadness. It helps to foster hope and leads you from fear. Red Mandarine also opens you to love within yourself and the freedom of allowing love to flow freely.


10 ml roll on glass bottle

Ingredients :Sauge, Ylang Ylang, Red Mandarine, Deodorised Vegetable Oil

SACRAL ChakraOil #2

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€23.40Sale Price
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