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IMPORTANT:After payment, please send your contact email to so i can have some  health forms to be filled before the consultation.Then, we will  fix a date and hour to our online meeting.

Follow-up Ayurvedic Consultation-Online :To establish a completely personalized program to rectify these imbalances by addressing their roots.

Once the inherent constitution and the state of imbalance have been identified, I will establish a completely personalized program to rectify these imbalances by addressing their roots through various therapeutic tools such as:

Lifestyle guidelines (rhythms, schedules, activities);


Body care and massages;

Use of spices and dietary supplements;

Physical exercises;

Mind and emotion control exercises: breathwork or pranayama, relaxation, meditation, visualization, and other yoga practices;

Subtle therapies: aromatherapy, sound therapy, therapy with stones and colors;

And any other method deemed suitable for the patient and specific situation.

Naturally, the methods used are specific to each practitioner based on their choices and training. The frequency of visits will also depend on the practitioner's approach. The comprehensive Ayurvedic assessment helps you better understand your daily functioning and metabolism, providing you with the keys to address issues disturbing your natural balance.


It is essential to note that it does not replace a medical consultation and should not substitute for medical or paramedical treatment.


Managing Autoimmune Conditions using Naturopathic & Ayurvedic Principles online


Autoimmune disease is defined as an immune reaction against one’s own tissues . A robust immune system needs to fight foreign invaders but not harm ourselves in the process. We now know more than ever about autoimmune disease and all the contributing factors. A Naturopath /Ayurvedic Praticioner, can take the time to identify all the factors and help you deal with your condition from a wholistic perspective.
Conventional medicine generally addresses autoimmune disease in an effective, yet limited way. Drugs tend to focus on one aspect of this whole process, whereas, autoimmune disease must be viewed as a multi-factorial condition.

Causes may include stress, hidden infections, food allergies or sensitivities, toxic exposure, genetic predisposition, nutrient deficiencies, and leaky gut. Immune dysregulation leads to inflammation and tissue damage which sustains the disease.

It’s said about 10% of the population suffers from autoimmune disease, but 78% of those are women.



Follow-up Ayurvedic Consultation-Online

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