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Fifth Chakra — Throat Chakra


The fifth chakra as its name suggests is located in the throat and is represented by the colour blue or turquoise. It is also represented by the physical element of ether. The throat chakra represents self-expression and communication, and is associated with the thyroid, esophagus, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and hearing.


A balanced throat chakra will have the following characteristics: clear communication with others and self, good listening skills, good sense of time and a full voice.


A fantastic essential oil that will help encourage you to share your gifts with the world. This chakra balancing oil heals feelings of being overly delicate, withdrawn, or fearful and brings spiritual growth by helping you integrate your experiences, which brings an expanded awareness and perspective. This oil will help you communicate more effectively.

10ml roll on glass bottle

Ingredients: Peppermint, Cypres, Lemon, Deodorised vegetable Oil

THROAT ChakraOil #5

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