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Your Holistic Journey to Wellness


Holistic wellness approaches

My history
How i actually reversed my autoimmune condition and how i can help you too!

Five years ago, I woke to excruciating pain throughout my body, leading to a diagnosis of an autoimmune disorder after extensive tests...

Unable to perform basic tasks, i was forced to quit my job and it felt like my life was over, but it was not! It was in fact just the beginning of an incredible transformative journey toward wellness, self-love, and self-care, combining-among many other things-  Naturopathy &Ayurveda!

 I overcame anxiety, stress, and achieved an inflammation/pain-free life.


Nevertheless, this journey demanded discipline, a gluten-free diet, and various Naturopathic/Vedic techniques, but it was totally worth it because i got my life back!

If you face an autoimmune condition/s, menopause, food sensitivities, hormonal issues, fibromyalgia etc.I offer personalized programs.

Together, we'll address imbalances, reduce inflammation, and manage those flare-ups.

This includes a personalized dietary plan with relaxation, hydrology, phytology, and aromatology suggestions.

We'll establish hygiene of life rules, body treatments, massages and supplement use, and exercises tailored to your situation.

A comprehensive assessment provides insights into your daily functioning and metabolism, offering keys to remedy imbalances disrupting your natural balance.

Let's embark on a journey to reclaim your well-being together!

Catia Coias Wellness Holistic coach Ayurveda Naturopathy Auto-immune issues

Hello, Friend & Welcome to the Website!

I'm Catia, an Ayurveda & Naturopathic Certified Practitioner (France & India), Yoga instructor, and Health Advocate.


Committed to guiding and empowering women on a transformative journey towards self-love and a more balanced lifestyle, I specialize in addressing unique health needs through natural holistic strategies.

My focus includes women's health issues like menopause, food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, fibromyalgia, and autoimmune disorders, which I personally manage and control  with a raw/vegan & gluten-free lifestyle, along with yoga and meditation.

Encouraging women to play an active role in their well-being, my approach fosters optimal health, empowerment, and resilience. With a background in fine arts, I'm also inspired by the diversity of plant-based materials, exploring herbal printing and dyes in a sustainable approach to arts and creativity.

Wishing you all the best,


I have been honored to work with extraordinary individuals, and I am deeply grateful to them for agreeing to share their experiences. Scroll down below and see what some of my former clients have to say...

Naturopathic medicine
Autoimmune treatments

Christine, USA

"I can't express enough how grateful I am for the incredible journey I've had with Catia. 

Catia's holistic approach and deep understanding of natural wellness resonated with me immediately. She took the time to listen attentively to my concerns, delving into not just my physical health, but also my lifestyle and emotional well-being.

Through personalized recommendations, including dietary adjustments, herbal supplements, and mindfulness practices, she  guided me on a path to improved health and vitality. Her knowledge and expertise made the entire process educational and empowering.

What impressed me most was Catia's genuine commitment to my well-being. They provided ongoing support, adapting the treatment plan as needed, and celebrating each small victory with me. Thanks to her guidance, I've experienced a positive transformation in my overall health and energy levels!

Holistic health practices
Autoimmune health tips

Marina, Bulgaria

"I had the pleasure of experiencing a transformative Ayurvedic consultation with Catia, and I can't express how much it has positively impacted my life.

Before our sessions, I struggled with persistent fatigue, digestive issues, and a general sense of imbalance. Catia approached my concerns with empathy and a deep understanding of Ayurvedic principles.

Through a comprehensive assessment of my dosha and lifestyle, she personalized plan that included dietary recommendations, herbal supplements, and mindfulness practices. The holistic approach not only addressed my physical symptoms but also provided guidance for emotional well-being.

The positive changes in my energy levels, digestion, and overall well-being were noticeable within a relatively short time.

I am immensely grateful to Catia for guiding me on this Ayurvedic path to wellness. Herexpertise, compassion, and personalized care have truly made a difference. I wholeheartedly recommend Catia ] to anyone seeking a holistic and natural approach to health and balance.

Naturopathic consultations

Jessie, UK

I consider myself fortunate to have found Catia a true beacon of hope and expertise in the realm of autoimmune health. Before consulting with Catia, I felt overwhelmed and somewhat defeated by the challenges posed by my autoimmune issues.

From the very first session, Catia demonstrated a profound understanding of autoimmune conditions, providing both clarity and reassurance. 

The personalized consultation yielded a comprehensive plan tailored to address the complexities of my autoimmune challenges. 

 The ongoing support and encouragement I received throughout the process were instrumental in my journey to better health.

Thanks to her holistic approach, I now feel more equipped to navigate the complexities of autoimmune health and am experiencing positive changes in my overall well-being. I wholeheartedly recommend herto anyone seeking guidance and support on their autoimmune wellness journey.


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